Stallholder Information

Below is information for stallholders who have been confirmed to take part in the fair. If you are a prospective company looking to take part please refer to our application page

All stallholders, sponsors & suppliers must refer to the below information ahead of the fair in November. It aims to answer all queries you may have and help you to maximise your investment in the fair.


  1. Marketing
  2. Arrival at the Fair
  3. Your Stand
  4. Public Liability Insurance
  5. Health & Safety
  6. Top Tips & Packing List
  7. Expectations of Stallholders
  8. Accommodation Suggestions
  9. Terms & Conditions

1. Marketing

Instagram – All stallholders should be promoting their presence at the fair on instagram and social media. It goes without saying that the more you do in advance the more interest you are likely to get at the fair. Tag @cotswoldfair in all posts, stories and communications. Make sure to invite your audience along to the fair and let them know they can shop with you there.

Printed Flyers – All stallholders receive 50 printed flyers as standard which are posted out to you to distribute. They can be included in your postal order you send out to customers, handed out at other events or in shops & used to promote the fair to your own following. Let us know if you run out and need more sent.

Other Marketing – You will also be sent the e-invite, logos & marketing collateral. This collateral should be utilised by including it in newsletters to your mailing list, on your websites, e-signatures etc.

2. Arrival at the Fair

The fair is held in three marquees within Evenlode Grounds, just outside the village of Evenlode. The event will be well signposted. Please use the postcode – GL56 0YS

Opening Times:
Monday 6th November | 5.30pm – 9.30pm
Tuesday 7th November | 9am – 5pm
Wednesday 8th November | 9am – 5pm
Thursday 9th November | 9am – 4pm

Stallholder Set-Up – From 9.00am on Monday 6th November. Please check your booking form for your arrival slot. You must be ready for trading by 5.00pm

Set-up Process

On arrival you will be directed to your allocated loading bay. Make sure you have printed your Loading Bay Sign (this will be sent to you in advance). It should be displayed on your dashboard to ensure you are permitted to park in the most appropriate area for your stand.

You will have 30 minutes for unloading – after that 30 minutes you will be asked to move your vehicle to the stallholder car park. Any stallholder vehicle parked anywhere else other than the stallholder carpark will be fined – please see your booking form for more details. We realise you might want to park close, of course we all do, but as they say- customers come first! Please let the organisers know if you believe a stallholder has misunderstood this.

Once your car is parked in the stallholders car park– that is the time to style your stand.

Stallholder Wristbands – Please collect your wristbands from the WellChild stand at the entrance. You will need to keep your band on you at all times during the four days – you will be denied entry if you don’t have it. We provide 1 wristband per stallholder- any extras are £10 each.

3. Your Stand

If you have any questions about your space and what you have booked please refer to your booking form.

Stand dimensions –

Each stallholder will be allocated a fixed space as per their booking form which will be marked out on arrival. Please do not exceed the space allocated or move positions. Please note – the 6ft depth for all stands – you must not spill out into the aisles as this caused health & safety issues!!

One space = 6ft front x 6ft depth

Two spaces = 12ft front x 6ft depth

Three spaces = 18ft front x 6ft depth

If you have a marquee wall behind your stand, it is 2.2m from the ground to the marquee cross bar.

Tables – These are only available to those who have requested them on their booking form. We don’t have spares so please check in advance. If you have requested tables they are set up on your stand space prior to your arrival. They are cumbersome to move so please let us know in advance of the fair if you no longer require them to save the set up team additional work.

The 6ft trestle tables we provide are standard size – 183 x 76cm / 72” x 30”.

Chairs – One chair is allocated per stand.

Wall spaces – If you have booked ‘wall space’ you will have a marquee backdrop behind you (2.3m high). This can be utilised for displaying products or branding. Please be aware it is purely a marquee wall and you should be sensible with weight. You can hang from the marquee cross rail using cable ties. No adhesive or sellotape should be used on the marquee

Furniture & Dressing – Please bring your own stand furniture, rails, props and dressing. We encourage you to think creatively with your stand and make an effort with the presentation. Think of your stand as your own mini pop-up shop.  If you haven’t been to the fair before and need some inspiration please check out our Instagram @cotswoldfair. We advise bringing something which displays your brand name so customers know who you are.

Flooring – The marquee has hard wooden flooring covered with a neutral coloured carpet. It is generally level but due to the field location there can be some slants!

Lighting & Electricity – All stands have access to electricity. We cannot guarantee the positioning of power supply points so please bring an extension cable. The marquees are all lit but do bring additional lamps or lighting as required. Please use a PAT tested circuit breaker for all your electrics.

Wi-Fi – If you have ordered WIFI we will send the log in details the day before the Fair. If you would like to add WIFI to your booking please let us know. It is £25. NOTE – Please do not share the wi-fi code with any guests or use it for personal browsing. If it is overused it slows the speed and will impact your ability to make sales.

Stock – There will be a small stock space available. This will be first come first served and will be left at your own risk. Please ask us if you wish to utilise this. Please bring covering for your stock over night. Due to the nature of the marquee setting, there can be condensation over night so waterproof covering is strongly advisable.

Stand Restocking – For security purposes stand restocking times are between 7.30 and 8.30 am only.

4. Public Liability Insurance

To take part in the fair we must have a copy of your pubic liability insurance. If you haven’t already provided this to us then please email to Please also remember to bring a copy with you to the fair in case there is an inspection on site.

5. Health & Safety

All stallholders need to meet mass events H&S requirements in place at time of the event.

Any health & safety concern, however minor, must be reported immediately. First Aiders will be on duty during the event and can be contacted at the entrance.

Loading bay ramps – There are ramps at the loading bays and entrance – take extra care on these and beware they might be slippy.

The safety of your stall is your responsibility – Your stand must be set up and run in a way that eliminates any risk to visitors. If you have large mirrors or furniture please secure these items and minimise all risk hazards.

Electrical equipment – All electrical equipment used on your stall must be PAT certified.

Fire safety – There will be a set of Fire extinguishers by each set of fire exit doors. Instructions for use are printed on each extinguisher. Water extinguishers must not be used on electrical fires.

The Fire Assembly Points will be at the entrance to the visitors car park – There will be signs but please take note of the location. 

Familiarise yourself with the fire exits which are clearly marked and note the closest fire exit to your stand in case of emergency. The fire exits must be kept clear. The signs are illuminated and will stay lit in the event of a power cut. If the tent needs to be evacuated for any reason please guide visitors to those exits.

There should be no naked flames or candles lit

Manual handling – Do not lift any heavy items without assistance. In particular tables should only be handled by two people. If in doubt ask for help.

Car Park – Please take care when loading and unloading in the car park as there is always traffic.

Rubbish – Cardboard which should be broken down or flattened and put in the cardboard bin. All other rubbish to be put in the Smiths bins provided. Your stand must be clear of rubbish before leaving at the end of the fair.

Food Certificates – Any stallholder serving food even as samples must have a valid food safety certification.

Spills – All spills to be cleared immediately and the area isolated until floor is dried to prevent falls.

No smoking – The fair is a non smoking site. Smoking will not be permitted in the marquees or other temporary structures or the back stage areas.

Challenge 25 – This will be used across the site for all alcohol sales and giveaways.

Catering tent– You are not allowed access to the catering tent unless accompanied by a committee member.

6. Top Tips & Packing List

It’s a Christmas Fair so let’s all enjoy it! The customers will enjoy it more if there is a happy, fun vibe so make sure you look like you’re enjoying yourself! If any issues arise, please come to one of the organisers so we can address it. Please don’t moan and groan about the issue — we are confident that everything can be sorted out if we can deal with it at the time.

Speak to everyone! – Make sure you are welcoming and interact with the customers. This is your opportunity to engage.

Can I help you? – This is not the best opening question because the answer will almost always be NO. It is much more productive to ask open questions that require more than a one word answer.

Keep Busy – Although you should be friendly and greet customers, look occupied so they don’t think you’re going to pounce the moment they approach. Let customers browse

Make your stand approachable – Your stand looks less approachable if you are using your mobile, eating on the stand, sitting down, have your back to the aisle or have a messy stand. All of these factors will deter customers from approaching you and your stand and from buying!

Keep spreading the word – Promote the fair before, during and after to maximise your exposure. Instagram @CotswoldFair!

Weather – England & winter are unreliable for weather. We are based in marquees in a field so make sure you have the right footwear and come appropriately dressed

Food & Drink – You can purchase food & drink at the fair or bring your own. The Potted Goose cafe will be taking orders for bacon baps for breakfast and will be serving lunch every day. There will also be lunch available throughout the fair from Pit Kitchen and Pink Salt Shed. Pink Salt Shed will also be available during set up hours on Monday for any stallholders wishing to purchase sandwiches. There will also be coffee available for set-up. Coffee & food providers will be offering stallholders a 10% discount throughout the fair.

Remember to pack…

  • A suitable raffle prize for WellChild of the value of £15
  • Circuit breaker for any electrical cable you are plugging in
  • A water bottle
  • Food & Snacks
  • Stall props, furniture, tablecloths etc
  • Chargers for phones, laptops etc.
  • Waterproof overnight covers (to protect your stock from any condensation etc)

7. Expectations of Stallholders

Throughout the fair the below points will be monitored. The feedback will be used for deciding stallholders for future years.

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings you must be ready for action at 9am
  • Remove your rubbish! There are plenty of bins and recycling stations available. Your stand is to be left as you found it!!
  • Consider your use of plastic packaging and reduce as much as possible
  • Please do not distribute any promotional material around the fair, including, loos, cafes, the fair entrance
  • Stand Presentation – There will be a prize for the best stand display so we encourage you to make an effort with your stand.
  • 10% of ALL sales from the Fair to be donated to WellChild

WellChild Donations – At the end of the fair on Thursday 9th November please visit WellChild in the entrance yurt and donate 10% of your takings (with no deductions other than VAT, if registered). If we have reason to suspect you have not donated your full 10% of takings to the charity we will not invite you to future fairs. Please only hand this to WellChild at the entrance.

If you prefer to pay by BACS the details are:
Account number – 60472409
Sort code – 20-20-15

Please add your company name as the reference.
Address – Barclays, 128 High Street, Cheltenham.
Late payment fines come into action on Thursday 23rd November.

8. Security

A security officer will be on duty for the duration of the fair. We will have security during the night on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, however items left overnight are at the stallholders risk. 

Stallholders are responsible for their own stock. WellChild, Bazaar Events, the event committee or any employees of, or contractors engaged by any of the above, cannot be held responsible for any damage to or loss of any stock (however caused) or any other item belonging to any stallholder. Please report any damage to the facilities immediately.

7. Accommodation

There are numerous accommodation options available in the local area including hotels, pubs, boutiques & air b&b’s. See some suggestions for local pubs with accommodation all in close proximity to the fair here. We advise booking early.

8. Terms & Conditions

If you have booked with us you have agreed to the following terms and conditions: 

Cancellation terms

We will be unable to refund any amount should the exhibitor withdraw prior to or during the event. In the event that The Cotswold Fair cancel the event prior to it commencing, the booking fee (less £50 for admin) will be refunded.