Meet the Maker #6 – 100acres

Q&A with Ellea, the founder of 100acres, a British botanical fragrance brand who has been a regular at The Cotswold Fair for years!

1. Which is your favourite scent at the moment?

I’m not sure I’m allowed favourites but if I was…our gorgeous golden candle is just absolute heaven at this time of year. It gives off the most beautifully rich, enveloping, exquisite wintery scent thanks to the notes of sweet orange, cinnamon and frankincense. It really is a smell like no other (we’re very proud of it if you can’t tell!) and you can smell it even when it’s unlit. It’s also made with the highest concentration of fragrance oils so it really fills the room, and is made with non-toxic natural and organic wax, too. The scent is perfect for Autumn and Winter – it’s reminiscent of cosy nights curled up by a roaring log fire.

2. Which is one of your bestsellers and why do you think that is?

One of our bestsellers is definitely our beautiful botanical hand wash. It smells totally otherworldly – there are more than ten natural fragrance oils in there, all freshly distilled from herbs, flowers and fruits – again it fills the room when you use it and leaves your hands smelling utterly heavenly for hours. You’ll find it on the sinks of all of the coolest houses in the Cotswolds and beyond – I know Georgie Coleridge Cole (founder of SheerLuxe) is a huge fan! It’s made with natural and organic ingredients (no nasties like parabens etc) but I think it’s the fragrance that has turned it into such a Cotswold cult product. We’ve actually just relaunched it with new packaging so it looks more beautiful sink-side than ever before! 

4. Why and how did the brand begin?

Well, we were thinking that if we had a hundred acres of heavenly English countryside to run around naked in, we’d plant gardens full of flowers and medicinal herbs, orchards filled with fruit trees and meadows filled with wildflowers and grasses. We’d gather our glorious botanical bounty and use it, just like ancient physic gardens years ago, to scent and nourish our skin.

Sadly, we don’t have a hundred acres (and we probably couldn’t run around naked in it, even if we did), so we created 100 Acres. Into every single product is an abundance of freshly distilled botanical oils and nourishing plant-based ingredients – so that you can lie back, close your eyes and escape to your own hundred acres of a heavenly English countryside.

5. How does your team spend this Christmas?

We’re all based in the Cotswolds so we’re usually wrapped up in our respective houses, merrily consuming mulled wine and a disgraceful number of crappy (but amazing) Christmas films. A long walk through the surrounding meadows, fields and forests is of course a Christmas day essential, too.  

6. Do you have any Christmas Day Traditions?

It starts off fairly tame with gravadlax and bucks-fizz, then a Christmas lunch feast on a gorgeously decorated table punctuated with our gorgeous golden candles….but it all inevitably turns a bit wild come 6pm. Copious red wine, all sorts of weird and wonderful games that involve slightly-too-close-to-home impressions and some form of body contortion. 

7. What’s the best part of a roast?

You know, I’m going to be controversial and say bread sauce. Perfectly seasoned with caramelised onions, cloves and black pepper…what other day of the year is it acceptable to blend white bread into milk and butter and call it a condiment?!

8. What’s your favourite way to spend a Sunday?

It’s got to include a bubble bath. Whether I’m at home in London or in the Cotswolds (I split my time between the two), Sunday absolutely has to involve a bubble bath. It’s like my weekly reset button – with fragrant 100 Acres bubbles piled high to caress the senses and low lighting with a handful of our Signature candles lit throughout the room, a bubble bath is my time to switch off, appreciate life and get excited for the week ahead. 

9. What’s your favourite or funniest memory from Christmas?

That would probably have to be when we dropped the entire tray of hot roast potatoes on the floor. We were having Christmas lunch later than usual so we were all suitably wined-up and somehow the whole metal tray fresh from the oven fell onto the floor with an almighty crash. Thankfully we all found it pretty hilarious while scavenging around on the stone floor searching for roast potatoes. You’d best believe we washed them and put them back in the oven to re-crisp. Is that bad?! We now have lunch decidedly earlier to avoid any repeat drunken floor-potato mishaps…