Meet the Maker #5 – Augustine Jewels

We are so lucky this week that one of our exquisite and talented jewellery designers and makers took a few moments to speak to us during this spectacular fair season! 

The founder and designer of Augustine Jewels, Alexandra, ignited a desire for jewellery making not only through a true passion and love of gemstones but a realisation that France has Cartier, Italy has Bulgari, Russia has Fabergé, but Britain lacks that truly heritage Jewellery brand. Augustine Jewels aspires to be that brand and they deserve it to be too.

Make sure to keep an eye out for sparkling gems and the wonderful team at Augustine Jewels at the fair! The prefect present for someone very special.

1. Which is your favourite candle scent at the moment?

I love floral scents. it reminds me of our English gardens collection with all of those lovely English flowers. 

2. Which is one of your bestsellers and why do you think that is?

Our best seller is the green amethyst ring in gold plate or solid gold from the South of France Collection. I think it is because green amethyst is a very calming stone and we all need calm at the moment! Also, it looks so elegant and can be worn day into night. It was recently worn by Alex Jones at the….

3. What are the USPs of your brand, why should people buy it?

We source extraordinary natural ethical gemstones and there is no one with as much gem expertise as us. 

Our designs are then classical but contemporary and unusual but wearable. They bring wearers a lot of joy and happiness. 

4. Why did you start this brand?

I just love gemstones and design. France has Cartier, Italy has Bulgari, Russia has Fabergé, but in Britain we lack a similar brand. Augustine Jewels aspires to be that heritage brand for Britain. 

5. How are you spending this Christmas?

With my husband and 4! sons and our extended family. We will be18 people for Christmas. I love a great family get together. There will be a lot of Augustine Jewels presents under the trees, in our gorgeous gold and black wrapping with luxurious red ribbon. 

6. Do you have any Christmas Day Traditions?

We leave our stockings out on Christmas eve and a piece of shortbread for Santa Claus. On Christmas morning, the presents had arrived and Santa has eaten the shortbread! Every year without fail!  It always amazes me that Santa can get down the chimney after all those snacks at so many houses! 

7. What’s the best part of a roast?

The gravy.

8. What’s your favourite way to spend a Sunday?

Designing and hand drawing jewellery. I use pencil and gouache on tracing paper. 

9. What’s your favourite or funniest memory from Christmas?

Last year, we had covid so we had Christmas outside in our coats and wooly hats all 3 metres apart from each other! It was not funny at the time, but now we really laugh about it.