Meet The Maker # 4 – Tom Lane

This week the wonderful founder and creator of Tom Lane; Jayne, spent some time letting us in on her favourite things to do at Christmas and what makes her brand so special.

Jayne herself designs these luxury, quality garments and home accessories. She has a genuine passion and pride in producing these products in Britain; supporting factories and amazing craftsman in the UK which results in exceptional and premium products that will last a lifetime. 

Which is one of your bestsellers and why do you think that is?

Alpaca bed socks – so cosy and a winter essential! 

What are the USPs of your brand, why should people buy it?

All of my products are designed by myself and made in Britain. We have amazing craftsmanship in Britain and its great to support the factories and produce the highest quality products.

How are you spending this Christmas?

The run up to Christmas is so busy when you’re running a knitwear business – so a well earned day off and time with family. We have a baby girl so i’m excited to give her a lovely Christmas. 

What’s the best part of a roast?

Definitely Yorkshire puddings and I LOVE bread sauce with my Christmas dinner!